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How confident are you with makeup?  Have a think.

Typically, women fall into 3 categories.

(1) You have no idea about makeup – so you don’t bother with it  

(2) You love makeup, but have been doing the same thing for about 10-years, or

(3) You love makeup, you wear it daily, but you waste a lot of money on buying makeup that you don’t know how to use.

Which one are you? 

The truth is that most women have no idea how to shop for makeup, how to use makeup, or how to choose make that is right for them. If you feel totally baffled when you want to buy a new foundation – you are not alone! 

Makeup Mastery is for you if you are a busy woman who wants to look good. You see the value of owning great makeup, you want to be able to use it properly, but you currently have no idea how to do it!  If, like a lot of women, you have to go to work, or show up in your business – you should know how to look radiant, youthful and presentable. 

Great makeup can change your day. *90% of women want to be able to do their makeup in 5-10 minutes and the brilliant news is that a makeup routine can be designed for you, to fit your lifestyle.  It is possible to have great looking skin, superbly applied eye makeup and beautiful lipstick that lasts all day!  *Makeup Mastery conducted a short survey about ‘makeup’ in Oct 2016. 92 women responded

A note from Lucy:

“Many years ago (before I trained as a MUA) I used to do my makeup, for work, in a dark bathroom – using a little grubby mirror. I dread to think what I must’ve looked like! Those were the days that I had absolutely no idea on how to buy a foundation that worked for me. It was total guess work. I often bought products just because I liked the bottle! Luckily, I now know exactly how to buy makeup. However, most women still do what I did. They still buy makeup because they’ve seen it in a Sunday magazine, or because their friend uses it.  It frustrates me that women spend a lot of their income on makeup – but they are still buying the wrong things. 

Having great makeup is achieveable, I know it is.  I’ve worked with lots of women who have totally changed their attitude their makeup and skincare. These women have gained confidence as a result”.

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There are two Makeup Mastery sessions – both of which are fun and informative – no matter what your experience of makeup is. The sessions are totally tailored to your needs and will ensure that you become a master at shopping and applying makeup. 


Choose from…

VIP SESSION – Personal Shopping and 1-1 Makeup Lesson – London

NEW YOU – A Makeup Bag Analysis and Confidence Session – Skype 




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Important : Lucy Baker is an independent Makeup Artist and does not work for any specific brands. Lucy carefully chooses products and brands that suit her client, their lifestyle and their budget