Lucy Baker Kent Confidence Coach

Lucy Baker Kent Confidence Coach and Make-up Artist


Does this sound like you? One minute you are feeling unstoppable and on top of the world, but something bad happens within your business, which results in your confidence dropping and you feel lost, inadequate, scared and you go back to old habits of hiding. Well, I’ll let you into a really cool secret, once you have worked with me, a Kent Confidence Coach, on your inner confidence and also on your outer confidence (makeup) you’ll have confidence skills for life. You will be a confident woman who understands her own confidence needs. 

What is Confidence Coaching?

I’m Lucy Baker, founder of She Coaches Confidence and as a Confidence Coach, it is my job and my passion to assist you on your journey to Confidence. Through a carefully put-together programme, we get to the root of what is holding you back and work on your mindset, your personal and professional beliefs and we pave the way to a Confident Life. Based in Kent, I am the Kent Confidence Coach. I work with business women in Kent (and UK wide via Skype) to help them to push their business life to new levels.  Upon booking me as your personal Confidence Coach, you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire, followed by the first coaching session.  I usually do these sessions in Thanet (which is where I am based) and we will sit together to go through your desires and needs as a woman in business.  In addition to the 8-week Confidence Coaching programme, I run short Confidence courses a few times a year and intense 2-hour Coaching sessions, usually via Skype. 


Lucy Baker Confidence Coach Client words “Lucy is great to work with, she is confident, full of encouragement and is one of the friendliest people I have ever met. She has an amazing ability to impart sound advice and tools in a way that you have total belief that you can actually do this!”……. “I wasn’t expecting the outcomes that I got after following Lucy’s plan, but now I am getting new contracts and this is because I am a more confident woman – thank-you so much Lucy!” Sam, 44, Consultant


How Does Makeup Mastery Work?

I am a fully trained professional Makeup Artist and I consult women in business on Choosing and Using Makeup for an additional layer of Confidence. Doing the Inner confidence work first is essential to becoming a truly confident woman, and once achieved, this means that makeup can be the ‘icing on the cake’. You will learn how to use makeup as a ‘Nice to Have’ rather than a ‘Need to Have’. 

Makeup Mastery is for you if you want to…

Know How To Buy Makeup – for life

Stop Wasting Money on Makeup that Doesn’t work – or suit!

Be Able to Change Makeup from a Day Look to a Night Look

Apply Makeup quickly, but like a Professional Makeup Artist

Look and feel truly Beautiful and Confident 

As a Professional Independent Makeup Consultant in Kent, I will make sure that you know exactly how to buy makeup and apply makeup that is right for you.  Most of the Makeup Mastery VIP Sessions happen in Canterbury Kent, but I offer sessions in other major cities – please enquire here 


Once you become truly confident – life opens up to become everything you want it to be, and more! Confidence leads to success in every part of your life and it is truly wonderful Lucy Baker

Founder, She Coaches Confidence

Lucy Baker Kent Confidence Coach
Lucy Baker Kent Confidence Coach
Lucy Baker Kent Confidence Coach