confidence coach makeup artist lucy baker

Hi, I’m Lucy Baker – an experienced professionally trained Makeup Artist and Confidence Coach.¬†I’m on a mission to help women to feel more confident about themselves, Inside and Out.¬†

I know that women have a really hard time choosing and using makeup, so I am here to help. I’ll let you into a really cool secret – once you have been taught How to confidently buy makeup and How to put it on (like a professional) you’ll have those skills for life. What that means, is you won’t make bad makeup purchases again, no ‘that’ll do’ purchases, no wasted money on makeup you buy just because you’ve seen it on a blog post, or in a magazine. All panic buying and buying any old makeup needs to stop! I will teach you how to choose the 9 items that you need. The 9 products that work for you and your budget. I know that if you learn how to buy makeup properly, you will never waste money on makeup again. Does that sound good?



“Makeup is one of the things that we need to do on our own – day in, day out. ¬†Dedicating just a few hours to this essential skill is a complete beauty YES!”

Lucy Baker

Founder, Makeup Mastery