The way you put together your own brand shoot can have a huge impact on how the images will turn out for you. As a female entrepreneur, having a great set of images is essential if you are serious about your future in business. The team you work with can make or break a shoot and it is worth spending time sourcing the right people to work with. If you are stuck with how to put together this type of shoot for your business, consider the following 5 ways to get the most out of your personal branding shoot…




1 – Source A Brilliant Photographer

To guarantee great images that you will LOVE for a long time, you need to love your photographer and their work. When researching a personal brand photographer it is best to consider the following things:

  • The quality of their work. Ask yourself ‘Do I love it?’ – if the answer is yes, BOOK. If no, keep looking!
  • Location. It is a great idea to work with someone who knows the area or environment you work in. That way all of the pre-shoot stuff is easier to organise (venue checks, parking on the day, getting lunch!)
  • Price. Remember that the images from your branding shoot need to last a long time.  A good photographer will plan a set of images for you to use on social media, websites, promo material and this takes time to shoot and time to edit and as the old saying goes ‘buy cheap buy twice!’.
  • Whether you like each other. It is essential that you like and enjoy working with your photographer.  A shoot can take anywhere between 2-hours and 5-hours, so that time together should be as fun and comfortable as possible. A great tip here would be to meet for coffee (or wine!) beforehand, or meet at the venue – that way you will know whether you are the right fit.

Brand Photographer Rebecca Douglas

Lucy’s Brand Photographer – Rebecca Douglas


2 – Contact Your Favourite Venue

Many venues will let you shoot for free. The key here is to approach your favourite venue in an organised and mutually beneficial way. Perhaps you could ask your photographer to take some photos for the venue’s social media? Always call rather than email – email is easy to ignore! When researching, look for a space that is bright and clean and that reflects your brand. Remember that the photos need to tell a story of your business – so pick the right place. Tip: book a place that has a place to change and get ready at – this makes the day flow really well and means that there is no extra travelling for anyone.

Sands Hotel Margate Lucy Baker

At the wonderful Sands Hotel in Margate



3 – Pick Great Clothes

Choose a selection of clothes that reflect you and your line of work. try to steer away from loud patterns and garish colours – these can be hard on the eye. Your final images need to be on brand too. For example, if your logo is maroon, try to add some of this into the shoot. Wear things that you like and feel comfortable in and take a varied selection of trousers, skirts, tops and accessories. Remember this is not a fashion shoot, but the clothes do need to reflect WHO YOU ARE.  If you really lack confidence in the styling side of the shoot, book a stylist for the day or personal shopper to help you to select some great pieces for the shoot.

Confidence Coach Makeup Mastery Makeup Expert

A bright top looks great!


4 – Book a Super Hairdresser and Makeup Artist

Lastly, but by no means least, book a hairstylist that you trust and a makeup artist whose work you love.  For the images to come back looking great, it is essential that you look and feel the part, AND are not shiny!  Having your hair and makeup done, will make you feel superbly confident and means that you don’t have to worry about doing your own.  The other benefit of having a great beauty team is that you can take the time to mentally prepare yourself for the shoot whilst being pampered – or you can use the time to do some work!

Confidence coach Expert Makeup Consultant Expert Confidence Consultant

Great Hair and Makeup ensure the photos are perfect – no retouching here!

5 – HAVE FUN! 

The reason you want to do a branding shoot, is to get great images for your business. And of you.  Inject some fun into the day by playing your favourite tunes, having a glass of fizz or your favourite energy drink and even dancing if you have to! Dancing lifts your mood and loosens your body – two necessary qualities for a great shoot.  Remember, you ultimately want superb pictures – so make it fun, be honest if you are feeling scared or a bit wooden, and have a laugh! You won’t regret it.


Hopefully these tips have been helpful. Investing in a shoot will get you noticed. Just make sure it is ON BRAND and that you book your very own DREAM TEAM.

Photography by Rebecca Douglas 

Hair by Baiba Garbo

Venue Sands Hotel Margate 

Article by Lucy Baker Confidence Coach and Founder of Makeup Mastery