6 easy ways to cheat a WIDE AWAKE look,  And to look like you’ve had 18 hours sleep – yes! 1 – Use a sheet face mask There are loads on the market but you want one that plumps the skin and one that thoroughly hydrates the skin. They are great before an event – for super youthful and fresh skin.  They vary in cost from £1.50 each to £20 per mask.  Some of the pricier masks are by Origins, Lancome, Shiseido, Charlotte Tilbury and SK-II and Masque Bar do a much more affordable one on the high-street. Do your research online before you buy. 2 – Use cucumbers on the eyes Cheap and they work. Slice two rounds of cucumber up and place over the eyes – whilst lying down. Leave for 15mins. Cucumber reduces puffiness and is completely natural.  Ensure that this is done with no makeup / eye cream on the eye area.

wide awake look

Use cucumber for fresh, hydrated eyes (daughter and I)

3 – Curl your lashes Use good curlers, I recommend Keyvn Aucoin or Shu Uemura (which I am finding hard to buy in the UK). Give the lashes a good curl WITH NO MASCARA ON, using the method below. Squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze and then a 6 second squeeze at the end! Now apply your mascara. 4 – Do a pro-look eyeliner flick One way to cheat bigger, more awake eyes is to wing out your eyeliner. This doesn’t have to be liquid liner, in fact it works best with kohl pencil. Line the top lash line with your fave (non glittery) eye pencil and blend into place using a smudger brush. (No7 do a fab one and so do KIKO).  Next, line the bottom lash line with the same pencil and blend into a soft line. Join up the outer corner for a wide eyed look. 5 – Use a light reflecting concealer pen – under the eyes. These pens are hydrating, easy to apply and the coverage is seamless. I love the Clinique Airbrush concealer and the Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher pen for bright, awake eyes 6 – Wear Lip Liner and Lipstick

wide awake look makeup

Use a bright lipstick to look wide awake

This is my final, and most significant point for any tired person. My reasons are below:

  • It looks like you’ve made an effort
  • It detracts from any tired eyes
  • It helps you to look awake
  • It detracts from sallow skin
  • It makes the wearer feel more self-aware
  • It makes the wearer feel more self-confident
  • When the colour is right and the application is good – it looks fabulous!

Lip-liner is a must. A non-negotiable. Have you steered away from lipstick because it looks rubbish? Do you want to know why it looks rubbish? It is because you haven’t used lip-liner. Tut tut tut.  Lip-liner makes for gorgeous lips.  Trust me, I’m a Makeup Artist! Any questions about ANY of the 6 points above – message me > contact page. Don’t be shy, I want to help. If you are interested in 1-1 Makeup Mastery help, where I will tailor a session specifically to your needs. Read the website page for more info here or fill in the contact form and I will get back to you to explain how we can work together. L x