Lucy Baker Founder of Makeup Mastery

Lucy is a professionally trained Makeup Artist. She studied Fashion & Photographic Makeup at the prestigious Glauca Rossi School of Makeup in London – 13 years ago.  She now splits her time between her two businesses: Makeup Mastery and She Coaches Confidence, where she is a Makeup Consultant and a Confidence Coach to Female Entrepreneurs. 

Great makeup boosts confidence. Great makeup does not have to be over the top.  Great makeup simply means owning the right mix of products and knowing how to use them.” says Lucy Baker.

Lucy is 41, married and a mum of two super girls.  She fully understands what it is like to have a full schedule and what it is like to not be 28 years old anymore. Her passion is to help others to feel more confident about themselves. She has masses of knowledge about confidence and makeup and she wants to share this with women.  Lucy has recently coached with Success Coach, Polly Alexandre and most recently, with the brilliant Freedom and Business Coach, Lisa Johnson. 

Lucy, and her husband Dan, have always shared a love of the beach. The family moved to to East Kent in 2015. Their family house is just minutes from the sea. The house is the next big project on the list – somehow it has to fit in amongst the kids, the business and life!  Health, self-confidence, self development and well-being are big interests of Lucy’s – as well as gigs, wine, cooking, festivals, cocktail making, shoes, cosmetics, skincare, drinking proper tea and girly weekends away!     

“Makeup is one of the things that we need to do on our own – day in, day out.  Dedicating just a few hours to this essential skill is a complete beauty YES!”

Lucy Baker

Founder, Makeup Mastery