Help? Do I do concealer or foundation first? At least 80% of the women I know, professionally or otherwise, don’t know which to do first.  Which way around do you apply it? Has anyone taught you how to conceal that huge spot? I’ve written this blog post to push away any bad habits. Read this to the end and you’ll do it the right way, every time.

girl with no makeup on

No Makeup. But which do I do first?

Quite simply it is this.

STEP ONE: apply your foundation (cc, bb, tinted moisturiser – or whatever you use). Blend well to make sure you have an even coverage.

STEP TWO: add your concealer, OVER THE TOP OF YOUR BASE. This product is designed to cover up blemishes, pigmentation, spots etc – so you need to add this after your base.

Important.  For under-eye concealing, use a under-eye product.  These are creamier, lighter and sometimes have light-reflecting particles in so that they bounce the light away – for a brighter look.  For blemish concealing – you must choose a blemish/spot formulation.  These products tend to be thicker and are designed to cover-up a spot or mark that you don’t want to see. I use two types of concealer in my professional kit and I have two types for my personal use, too.  

So, there you go. It is that simple.  If you usually do concealer and then your foundation (aka base) then stop! Reverse it. Your face will thank you. Your pimples and eye-bags will, too – as they will be properly covered.


girl applying under eye concealer

Under-eye concealer

If you have any questions, do ask me. I’m so happy to help you. Comment on this post, or email me personally on hello@makeupmastery.co.uk

Happy Concealing!