A special concealer for dark circles and eye-bags, whaaaaat!? – how and why do I do that? If you are totally baffled by concealer, don’t worry you are not alone.  I get asked a question all the time by women like you, and the question is this; “how can I look less tired?” and my answer is pretty much always the same, I reply “use concealer!”

If you have no idea how, what or why when it comes to concealer – this post will help you. Trust me, you and your eye-bags can be friends again. Most of the women I know (personally or professionally) feel like they look really worn out. Most of us have busy lives, we are over-tired and stressed. This usually results in knackered looking eyes ; large eye-bags or dark circles. Sometimes, eye-bags and dark-circles are hereditary, too.  But, whatever the cause or reason, the majority of women don’t want them on show. What is the best way to get rid of them? I hear you cry. The answer is to … cover them up.

Step One: watch my ‘dark circles be gone’ video – at the end of this post. I recorded it on a facebook live tutorial in my ‘#gethemumlook facebook group. I am confident that this video tutorial will be life-changing for you. Grab a coffee or a wine and press PLAY.

(Please note that this video was a facebook live recording – which is why I am reacting to comments and to the people who joined the video live)

So, what are you going to do first? Plonk cucumber on your eyes? or, buy a new concealer? Tell me here hello@makeupmastery.co.uk

In this video, Lucy used : Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and cucumber (local greengrocers!)