My recent Cosmopolitan Magazine Professional photo shoot brought up some significant areas that need to be considered if you work with Professional Make-up Artist.

I’m a professional Make-up Artist and in the 14-years I have been an MUA, I have only had my make-up done once, by Gok – true story. I used to assist him on shoots. He hired me to assist him on an Abi Titmuss video photo shoot, at the Cobden Club in Notting Hill and at the end of the shoot, he made me up. He is a good make-up artist and I looked fabulous. I felt fabulous, too.

Roll on 13-years. Last month, I had the chance of having my make-up done again for a COSMOPOLITAN magazine photo shoot. YES! I played a small part in a huge shoot in Margate, Kent for the December 2017 issue. When the call-sheet came through from the Art team at Cosmo, I squealed in delight. Why? – because, I was on the list to have my make-up done.


Cosmopolitan Magazine photo shoot

Hair and Make-up Room


Here are 5 things you need to have in mind, when you have your make-up done:

  • Trust – having your make-up done by another person is quite… intimate. You will be seen ‘warts n all’ at the beginning of the session and you need to be okay with that. As a pro make-up artist I am often faced with women saying things like “sorry that my brows are rubbish” or “my skin is looking really spotty today” – which, ladies is normal. Being in the hands of any professional make-up artist is the right place to be – so trust that your make-up artist will address any issues and remember, don’t apologise for the way you look!
  • Allergies – Your make-up artist should ask you if you have any allergies to anything before you start. If you are not asked, make sure you share if you have any allergies to latex, nuts etc
  • Personal Space – your make-up artist should be aware of personal space. If you are uncomfortable with people being too close to you, say so! There is nothing worse than someone breathing over you, if it makes you feel anxious. I’ve seen other MUA’s at work who almost hang over the client – it can feel very awkward, so if it feels like this for you, do say
  • Honesty – when you are shown your make-up, you must be totally honest with what you think. Please note; this mainly applies to a personal make over, or for your personal branding shoot. If you are on a shoot for a magazine, like I was for Cosmo, you need to trust the make-up artist who has been booked to do the shoot. Often, they are working to a brief from the Art team, so trying to change the look is a no-no.
  • Bright Lipstick – a professional make-up artist should know a lot about colour and tones and my advice every-time is this; pick a bright colour lipstick to make you feel confident and youthful. Bright lipstick, applied by a professional, looks amazing. When lipstick is done properly, it will last all day. So pick a bright colour and be a confident woman!


Cosmopolitan Magazine photo shoot



Cosmopolitan Magazine photo shoot

Selfie Time Cosmopolitan Magazine #girlsquad

When you, sadly, have to remove your beautiful make-up, what do you do? Follow this simple cleansing routine and you will have a clean, glowing complexion, ready for tomorrow’s face!

Make-up Removal

Cleansing Step 1 – use micellar water to remove your makeup. I love Bioderma, Garnier or Burt’s Bees micellar water. Soak 2 100% cotton pads with micellar (more is more) and hold onto closed eyes for 15-seconds. Gently wipe the cotton pad off the eye area, taking all of the eye make-up with it. Next, dip a cotton-bud into the micellar and cleanse the upper and lower lash line making sure you remove all traces of make-up.

Cleansing Step 1 – Soak two more cotton pads and cleanse the rest of the face

Cleansing Step 3 – Splash with cool water

Cleansing Step 4 – For an added cleanse (I always advise clients to do this, and I do this) use a creamy cleanser, like Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish or Avene gentle Milk Cleanser and massage into the skin well. Really massage in to get the circulation going.  Remove the creamy cleanser with a damp muslin cloth – use tepid water, never hot.

Cleansing Step 5 – Splash with cool water or use your favourite toner.

Now, add serum, eye-cream and moisturiser.

If you need advice on make-up or skincare, or to know more about my Cosmopolitan Magazine photo shoot – email me on hello@makeupmastery.co.uk

Cosmopolitan Magazine Dec Issue 2017