How To Full Your Inner Confidence Pot aka How To Be Confident Forever

Low self-confidence holds women back. We can’t feel confident if the confidence pot is empty. Low Confidence stops us from socialising, networking, being successful in business, being ourselves and living the life we want to lead.

In a recent survey on confidence (May 2017, 39 respondents) confidence was defined in a number of interesting ways. When asked “How do you define confidence?” 5 of the 39 female respondents answered:

• Feeling within that you are enough
• Feeling good about myself without reference to other’s opinions
• Being able to feel completely yourself in front of other people
• Inner peace
• Not shying away from showing off something you are good at

Women know what it means to be confident – but rarely do they know how to be confident or how to pick their confidence back up off the floor. Once women suffer a knock to their personal confidence, it can be very hard to rebuild it to its former state. Coaching can help women to understand their inner confidence pot and to become beautifully confident.

So, how do you fill your inner confidence pot up? Here are 5 practical ways to keep that inner confidence pot from getting to rock bottom.

1) Smile.
When you smile your body produces happy hormones. Smiles are also contagious, so pass on those happy hormones to others – you’ll feel better for it

How to be Confident

Smiling is a great confidence booster

2) Learn to Say NO.
Saying yes is often easier than saying no. Once you learn to say no to others, you start the process of protecting yourself and the start of being in control of your own life. It really does boost your confidence too!

3) Stay Away from Negative People
Identify those people who makes you feel low, those who criticise you and your life, those who make you feel bad about yourself – and remove them. You have no obligation to hang around with people who make you question yourself and if people make you feel like your confidence is through the floor – ditch them for good!

4) Call A Friend
These days it is very easy to text, email and message our friends and loved ones. It is super easy to be anonymous. A superb way to boost your inner confidence is to call someone. You know, pick up the phone and call someone! When you call a friend, hear their voice and have a lovely chat –your inner confidence rises immeasurably. But wait, what if it goes to voicemail? That’s ok too. Leave a happy message and they will ring you back. Even better!

5) Wear Lipstick
A brilliant way of feeling more in control and more confident is to wear a good lipstick. Use a lip pencil first for extra staying power. Women often fear they look tarty or over the top with lipstick, but no no no ladies. Lipstick looks great no matter what age you are. If you are bad at applying it, book a makeup lesson from a professional. Great lipstick looks beautiful and it emphasizes one of the most important parts of a person; their words!

I want to feel confident How to be Confident

Lipstick for confidence


Which one will you try first? Maybe do the SMILE one, it’s a lot of fun!