Do you want to know how to go live on facebook? Going Live / being visible (a pretend TV presenter) in your business is so ‘in right now’, isn’t it? It has been said by many business coaches, that in order to succeed in your business, you must do regular facebook Live video streamings. But why? Well, the short answer is; it’s a good way of engaging with potential clients and getting your message out into the world.

Some business women are reluctant to do them. They feel nervous, silly, scared – but they are feeling the pressure to do a facebook Live, because their competitors are doing them and those around them are popping one out every other day!

How valuable is this form of self-promotion?  

Without further ado, let’s dig a little bit deeper into facebook Live streaming for female entrepreneurs. This blog post is formed of my opinions and experiences as a female entrepreneur.

Being Visible Is Gold – being visible within your business is a brilliant way of relationship building. People buy people and once potential customers know you and your personality – they are more likely to buy from you. TIP: Be prepared. Be engaging.

Share Your Knowledge – whatever your business, hobby-job, passion, start-up idea, Ladies – you have knowledge that no-one else has.  Even if you are offering a similar product or service than someone else, you are YOU and people need to know about you and your business. TIP: Use notes to help you.

It’s Fun – as a female entrepreneur / want-to-be business owner, you can have a lot of fun with Live streaming. Women are very supportive and if you are teaching via Live streaming – people will learn. It is a great confidence boost and once people start commenting on your video, you can have a lot of fun.  TIP: Be Yourself

Being Live on social media is a superb confidence boost.  Let’s face it, us women take a lot of knocks along the way, and our confidence can dip very quickly.  One way to boost your confidence as a business owner, is to do a facebook Live. Afterwards, you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a big boost to your self-confidence and relish in the fact that you have helped someone else by showing up and helping them.

How to do a facebook Live

Get the laptop and press Go Live

Below are 5 tips to ensure that you know how to go live on facebook the right way

  1. Smile Before You Dial – well, smile before press Live. Smiling is essential if you are going to come across well in a Live. Stretch, sit or stand tall and S*M*I*L*E. Press Live and welcome your watchers to your video. Keep smiling all the way through, too. No-one wants to watch someone who looks moody or bored.
  2. Show Your Upper Body – doing a facebook live with just your face on show is a bit odd and a bit dull. It’s best to show your upper body too, so that people can see your hands.  Talking with your hands is very common and it keeps the viewer entertained – it is personable too!
  3. Wear Lipstick – viewers will be watching your mouth when you are talking, so a well defined lip looks great! It doesn’t have to be a Joan Collins style red glossy lipstick, just a bit of definition is good. Wearing lipstick makes women feel in control and powerful – try it next time you do a Live!
  4. Intention Setting – set your intention for your facebook Live before you do it.  Write down (with a pen) HOW you want to feel when doing your broadcast. WHY you are doing the Live.  HOW you want others to feel when they watch you.  This makes it all feel much more professional and by setting the intention, you are giving yourself permission to be WHO you want to be.
  5. Write Notes – Having bullet point notes behind your laptop or smart-phone is ok. It really is ok. News-readers have a teleprompter to guide them, why shouldn’t you?  There are teleprompter apps which you can run if you are really nervous or prone to getting tongue-tied.

As a female entrepreneur, my advice is to DO A FACEBOOK LIVE. For me, my confidence levels have grown within my business since I have been doing this a few times a week. Using Live streaming, I can teach, help and support people from anywhere I choose; my car, my office or from a restaurant, if I want to. Personally I don’t feel silly doing them anymore. I enjoy the fact I can help others. I enjoy connecting with people. For me, this form of communication is essential for small businesses in 2017. I encourage my confidence coaching clients to do them, why? Because being visible in business is so much more effective than hiding.

So Ladies – when you do your next (or first) facebook Live, consider the points in this post. Above all, have a go! Be brave. Show Up. Smile. Enjoy it. Who knows who might be watching, what business it could bring, who you might ‘meet’. By showing up on a Live, you are not showing off, you are being visible.

Book a slot in your diary, and go for it! 

If you need help with your confidence or with being confident to do a facebook live, contact me through the website here > CONTACT LUCY BAKER