Are you fed up with cakey looking under eye concealer? Annoyed with not knowing how on earth to use under eye concealer? Over the white under eye look that Kim Kardashian made so famous (reverse panda) then read on…

Like a lot of women, you are probably totally baffled by concealer, but don’t worry – you are not alone. As a Professional Makeup Artist / Makeup Consultant, I get asked a question all the time, by women like you, and the question is this; “how can I look less tired?” and my answer is always the same, I reply “use a decent concealer!” 

Have you bought a new concealer, then realised (usually after seeing it on a photo) that it looks:

– cakey

– aging

– too white

– too pink

– dry

– too thick

– like you’ve got no product on!

All of the above are common issues with concealer. Getting the colour and consistency of the product right can be really hard – not to mention really confusing. 

Most of the women I know (personally or professionally) feel like they look really worn out. Most of us have busy lives, we are over-tired and stressed and this usually results in worn-out looking eyes, large eye-bags or dark circles. In some cases, eye-bags and dark-circles are hereditary but, whatever the cause or reason, the majority of women don’t want them on show.

So what is the best way to get rid of them I hear you cry! The answer is to … cover them up using a good under eye concealer. 

So I ask you to take one easy step which is this; Step One: watch my ‘dark circles be gone’ video below. I recorded it on a facebook live tutorial a few months ago and I am confident that this video tutorial will be life-changing for you.

Grab a coffee or a wine and press PLAY.

Under eye concealer mistakes will be a thing of the past – I promise. So – ready steady go! 

(Please note that this video was a facebook live recording – which is why I am reacting to comments and to the people who joined the video live)

So, what are you going to do first?

Throw away all of your concealer products? Plonk cucumber on your eyes? Buy yourself a good under eye concealer? 

A word of advise. Do not keep concealers that are the wrong colour. Throw them out immediately. 

If you need any extra help or advice – drop me a line…. CONTACT HERE 

In this video, I used : Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and a cucumber (local greengrocers!)

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