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Makeup Mastery : Become a master of your own make-up 

Makeup Mastery lessons enable women to choose and use make-up properly. Once you learn the necessary make-up skills you will know how to confidently walk into a busy make-up store and buy the products that you need. After the VIP personal make-up shopping and private make-up lesson, you will confidently know how to wear make-up – just like a professional.  Stop wasting money on make-up that is not right for you and start choosing and using make-up that works for you.

Do you currently enjoy your make-up routine? Do you know what you are doing when it comes to makeup? Do you get so overwhelmed when makeup shopping you walk out? Or perhaps you just grab the first thing to hand and mutter to yourself, “that’ll do!”. 

As a Professionally trained Makeup Artist, I’ve met and talked with hundreds of women about makeup over the last 14-years. What I know to be true is that typically, women fall into 3 categories:

(1) You have no idea about makeup – so you don’t bother with it  

(2) You love makeup, but have been doing the same thing for about 10-years

(3) You love makeup, you wear it daily, but you waste a lot of money on buying makeup that you don’t know how to use.

Which one are you? 

The truth is that most women have no idea how to shop for makeup, how to use makeup, or how to choose make that is right for them. Have you ever had a professional makeup lesson? If you feel totally baffled when all you want to buy is a new foundation – you are not alone! Shopping for makeup is overwhelming, confusing, noisy and often disappointing. The shops are packed full of makeup, dazzling lighting and there is so much to choose from – how do you know what is right for you?

A Makeup Mastery shopping and makeup lesson is right for you if you are woman who wants to look and feel good. Imagine being guiding through the aisles of makeup that once scared you, and being taught how to pick products that that work. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every morning knowing that you have got a clean, well put-together makeup bag with just the right products for you to do great makeup, even in 10-minutes.

Knowing how to apply makeup beautifully will help you to look less tired, more youthful and give you confidence.  Having a private makeup lesson to learn how to apply foundation, where to put concealer, how to do a smokey eye and more… will give you the power of makeup. 

Great makeup can change your day. *90% of women want to be able to do their makeup in 5-10 minutes and the brilliant news is that a makeup routine can be designed for you, to fit your lifestyle.  It is possible to have great looking skin, superbly applied eye makeup and beautiful lipstick that lasts all day!  *Makeup Mastery conducted a short survey about ‘makeup’ in Oct 2016. 92 women responded

Many years ago (before I trained as a Makeup Artist) I used to do my makeup for work, in a dark bathroom – using a little grubby mirror. I dread to think what I must’ve looked like! In those days, I had absolutely no idea how to buy a foundation that worked for me – it was total guess work. I often bought products just because I liked the bottle or because someone had told me it was a good product. Luckily, since training at Glauca Rossi School of Makeup in London, I know exactly how to buy makeup and this is the knowledge I can pass on your you during your bespoke Makeup Mastery session. 

After the Makeup Mastery session in Kent, all clients have totally changed their attitude to makeup and to skincare. I’ve helped women gain confidence in with choosing and using makeup so they feel better about themselves and more confident. 

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The VIP Makeup Mastery session is a personal Makeup Shopping session and a private makeup lesson. It is a lot of fun and you will learn so much about choosing and using makeup.The sessions are totally tailored to your needs and I make sure that you leave the session as a master of your own makeup. The makeup lessons run in Kent and London and the session lasts for half a day – delicious lunch included. 


Choose from…

VIP SESSION – Personal Shopping and one-to-one 3-hour Expert Makeup Lesson 

NEW YOU – Makeup Bag Analysis  and Detox and step-by-step makeup guide – Skype 

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Important : I am an independent Makeup Artist and I do not work for any specific brands. I carefully choose products and brands that suit my client, their lifestyle and their budget