I took my client (N) makeup shopping in London last week and arrrrghhhhh, I’m annoyed! I’m really really annoyed. I’ll just take a few deep breaths and I’ll tell you why. Ok right, I’m annoyed with cosmetics stores, with the makeup sales people in those stores, the counter assistants, the sales advisors (and breathe) …. OK, I’m going to explain why.  I’m a professional Makeup Artist (MUA) and makeup consultant, I trained to be a MUA at a brilliant school 14 years ago and I’ve applied makeup for celebs, high-profile women and men, for pop stars, rock stars and I’ve learned my craft.  I assisted some big name MUAs for years before I took on my own jobs and, I’ve seen the real side of life as a Makeup Artist, from the bottom up. I’ve also been buying and using makeup products in the right way for all of my of career and I know what works on people and how to choose good products and how not to waste money on makeup.

So, N booked my services for advice and a personal makeup shopping session. We met in Central London ready to do a POWER HOUR of shopping, ahead of her wedding 3 days later, a bit last minute but that was ok. She chose to do her own makeup for her wedding and I think that is such a cool thing to do, but only if you have the right products.

We, I mean she, wanted a berry lip. So, off we went to two well-known makeup stores in Covent Garden, and we looked at some berry coloured lipsticks. The first woman who served us was wearing a foundation about 4 shades too light for her, and very thickly applied – it actually made me feel a bit woooozy – surely she can colour match foundation if she works for one of the best known makeup brands in the world?  The next luxe store we stepped into, was an interesting experience – to say the least, I wanted to scream to all of the assistants, “do you even know how to put makeup on?” – but obviously, I didn’t.


Makeup Shopping London Kent Buying Right Lipstick

Trying lipstick colours

makeup shopping london kent

Client Comparing Colours

Another counter assistant suggested to use a nude lip-liner with a dark plum lipstick – err no, and the last makeup sales person we dealt with during our power hour, had contour lines down the sides of her cheeks, that looked like mud! I-am-not-joking. And, as if that wasn’t enough, she picked up their new contour pen and tried to sell us the promise of sculpted cheeks and a more chiseled look. Oh My Days. I’ll leave the mud-cheeks thanks and save myself £30!

I am so pleased that I was with my client in-person, to act as her shopping bodyguard, her makeup-guard, if you like. I know that I saved her £200+, by protecting her from being sold-to and purchasing the wrong makeup products.

My client N and I parted ways after our power-hour of personal shopping. She headed for the tube, with a huge smile and 9 items that she needed, wanted and that were right for her, and I walked towards Soho with a huge feeling of happiness and satisfaction – knowing that I had helped my client to save money and to enjoy negotiating the madness of makeup shopping, unscathed.

I’ve since seen N’s wedding photos and WOW, she looked like a movie star.

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