Let’s discuss the perfect brows.  The way our brows look, usually comes down to habit, time, style, knowledge of make-up (or lack of) and a lot to do with what brows you actually possess, or don’t.

For me, I plucked my brows hair by hair, sitting on my bed at University – cigarette in one hand and tweezers in the other. I took a hair out on one side then another and another, then I swapped sides and took more hairs out to, you know, even it up.  Before long, my brows were skinny lines!

In 1994, I actually fitted in quite nicely and I liked my brows. If the truth be known I wanted to look like Kate Moss, so the skinny lines were a pretty good fit. I also had an 18-year old face so the skinny lines looked okay. What doesn’t look so great is skinny line brows on a 42-year old face. They have never really grown back. You can see my skinny brow in the photo underneath (left), it is pretty weedy hey?

over plucked eyebrow

Left is my own skinny brow (ignore the right one for now)

So why is my brow on the right so dark? Well, I wanted to demonstrate the kind of brow that I think looks harsh and a bit manly. There are many women strolling around with two of these on their face, and I don’t think they good.

When I studied at Glauca Rossi School of Makeup in 2004. I was taught to do brows, what I consider to be, the right way. We didn’t make the brows look blocky, too dark or too thick – the rule was to enhance what the model already had and draw in extra hairs to boost the shape.

The next picture demonstrates the blocky look in all its glory

Lady with blocky brows

A bit severe?

In my opinion, brows need to look real – whatever the brow trend. When working on clients and on my own skinnies, I use a mix of pencils, waterproof brow pens and brow mascara. Yes! that is a thing – a mascara for your brows.

In this next photo, I have made up my brows with a sharp brow pencil by Laura Mercier and I used a brow mascara from Maybelline called Brow Drama

perfect eyebrows

Softer Brows

I tend to use a slightly lighter brow product, so that it doesn’t look harsh. You need to know that it is normal for your brows to be uneven, so do remember the saying : EYEBROWS SHOULD BE SISTERS, NOT TWINS. Make note of this, it helps when you are filling them in. They don’t need to be symmetrical.


When using a brow pencil, draw pretend hairs in upward strokes to mimic actual brow hairs. Ensure the pencil is sharp all the way through the application, keep your sharpener close. A blunt pencil will look smudgy and imperfect.

Be sure to fill in any gaps (using the hair-like stroke method) and if you have a hook-like shape at the start of the brow, draw fine looking hairs in the mid-area of the brow to even the shape out.

Next, when you are happy with the shape (take a selfie if you have to – seriously!) it is a good idea to apply a brow mascara. This product gives texture and makes the brows look groomed and glossy. If you have very few hairs in the brow area this product is still a great idea.

If you have any questions on brows or if you need a lesson, let me know via the contact form on my website click HERE 

I need to leave you with this photo… so that you can decide which brow you like the best.


perfect eyebrows

Which side is your fave?

Blocky? or Bushy natural?


P.S. I volunteer for Look Good Feel Better charity at two NHS hospitals in Kent. I have had lots of experience with women who have little or no brows due to cancer treatments and I have done a series of makeup videos for Live Better With :: Cancer and you can see my recent brow video here > BROW VIDEO  You need to be on facebook to see this.