Rosacea Makeup Lesson


Last year, a woman I know (through networking) wanted help with her severe rosacea.  So, she booked a Makeup Mastery session with me.  At the time of her booking, all I knew was that she was stuck in a rut with her makeup, and that she had rosacea. On the day of her lesson, I opened the door to her and she wasn’t wearing any makeup. I have to say I didn’t expect her redness to be quite as bold as it was. She has, what is often described as ‘butterfly rosacea’ – which spreads down the nose and out like ‘wings’ over the cheeks and forehead.  It can be sore. And unsightly. Which is why Catherine came for a Makeup Mastery lesson. This is a photo of Catherine at the very start of the lesson…

Catherine – At the start of the lesson


The Makeup Bag

After 10 mins of coffee and settling in, I was passed a carrier bag (yes you read that right) with a few items inside it. Whilst handing it to me, Catherine laughed nervously. She muttered “you are going to hate this” and do you know what? she was wrong. In fact, I don’t hate old, tired makeup collections when people want to change them. So we got to work. Oh, before I forget, do you want to see a picture of the collection that we chucked away? Yes! all of it went in the bin. Ok, here it is…

Old makeup collection


Makeup Lesson

No offence to my client, but the carrier bag of makeup was not in a good state. It was old, dirty and not right for Catherine’s skin. To cut a long story short, we went through my pro kit, trying colours, textures, brushes and sponges (all clean of course!) until we got to a look and a coverage that was right.  Then, Catherine tried applying the makeup on her own. She had no help, just guidance. After 2 hours of working together (and having a fun time with makeup) we came to a look that covered the rosacea and that was easy for Catherine to apply. Introducing the new Catherine:

The new confident Catherine

Catherine is now the pro

Catherine did this makeup herself.  How great is the coverage!  The foundation is Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum cover and I colour-matched her at our session. She went out and bought it afterwards. She also bought some eye makeup and mascara, too.  The other thing I introduced to Catherine was micellar water. This is very gentle on sensitive skin and it dissolves and removes makeup, beautifully. Catherine now wears an SPF to protect her skin in the sun. Vital for us all!

After 13 years as a Makeup Artist, I still get amazed at the powers of makeup. It is no surprise to me that when used correctly, makeup can boost the confidence of a woman. I have seen this again and again.  Does makeup boost your confidence?

Thanks for reading and do comment if you found this interesting.


Disclaimer: I do not work for any specific brands and I only suggest makeup that is right for each individual client. Please bear in mind that what worked for my client in this session, may not necessarily be right for you. Always seek advice.