Hello, I'm Lucy

Founder of She Coaches Confidence

Does your confidence hold you back in life, work, love and more? If so, you’re not alone. Every week I speak to women who tell me that their lack of confidence is having a negative effect on their lives, and I can empathise – I’ve been there. It’s the reason why I trained to become a confidence coach.


It’s also the reason why I put together my 10-week Create Your Confidence. Designed especially for women, it will help you find your confidence and give you the skills and strategy to maintain it - forever. 


How do I know it works? Not so long ago, my confidence was at an all-time low. After a lot of hard work, coaching, digging deep and working on my mindset I started to understand how I worked as a person. Today,I am a different woman – truly confident, inside and out. Previously I would have shied away from speaking in public; now, I regularly speak on stage as a confidence expert and in groups and Facebook lives. I am also on the panel for two magazines as their dedicated confidence expert. My life, my work and my income have all improved dramatically as a consequence. 


Over the past few years I have helped many women achieve the same success, and I can do the same for you. As a committed coach, I will support you through every stage of your journey, after which I promise you will emerge as a better, more confident version of yourself.


Just 10-weeks to...

Create YOUR Confidence


If your confidence is holding you back, I can help you change that.

Do you have a burning desire to do something but are too scared of what people might think of you?

How would it feel to do whatever you want in life without questioning your confidence, free from fear or worry?

Join my Create Your Confidence course today and become a truly confident woman who is in control of her life and her choices.

A woman who is successful and happy.

A woman who will have a great 2018 and beyond. 



This course is right for you if...

(you suffer from one or more of the following)

  • You're a people-pleaser
  • You hate introducing yourself
  • You constantly berate yourself
  • You're scared of the phone
  • You hate your voice
  • You are scared of going live in your business
  • You're petrified of being asked to do a talk
  • You cancel engagements at the last minute
  • You are hiding behind your kids
  • You don't talk in big groups
  • You take other people's opinions to heart
  • You often feel out of place
  • You're not sure what to say
  • You're worried how you come across
  • You're not happy with what you see in the mirror
  • You're a constant worrier and it's becoming a problem
  • Your thoughts keep you awake at night
  • You are afraid of change
  • You talk yourself out of opportunities
  • You have a low opinion of yourself and your abilities
  • You want to succeed but feel something is stopping you
  • You're not sure you like yourself
  • You're stuck in the past and hang on to old situations
  • You can't let go of old comments and criticisms
  • You are just being and you want to start living
  • You deny yourself pleasure because you don't think you deserve it

Course Topics

Here's a break-down of the full contents of Create Your Confidence

  • Understanding Your Confidence
  • Journaling
  • Understanding Your Mindset
  • Letting Go | Saying No
  • Understanding Your Confidence Pot
  • Goodbye Negativity | Hello Positivity
  • How To Ask for What You Need
  • Voice | Posture | Breath | Space | Exercise
  • Goal Setting for Confidence | Writing Your Confidence Strategy
  • How to Live a Confident and Successful Life
  • + Superb Guest Experts
  • + Confidence Boosting Challenges
  • + Be part of a special facebook group with like-minded women
  • + Weekly course module notes


HANNAH BEECHAM | Founder of Red January

RED January is a national movement helping people support their mental health through exercise.

Hannah is going to talk to us about the inspiration behind RED and how it's helped improve her mum's confidence levels. Hannah will also be talking about her relationship with exercise and how it helps support her. This January alone, RED raised almost £1million for the leading mental healthy charity, Mind.

LEX GILLIES | Talonted Lex Beauty Blogger

Lex is an award-winning blogger and social media manager based in London. She uses her blog and social media accounts to talk about living with a skin condition, the impact it has had on her confidence, as well as sharing tips and support to others who suffer with low self esteem. Her honest approach to sharing images and difficult experiences has opened up the conversation in an industry often filled with images of perfection. She is an ambassador for the British Skin Foundation, has written in most major publications, and also appeared on national television to discuss skin conditions and their effect on the people who suffer from them. Lex is talking about : How she is learning to accept a face she often doesn’t recognise, how to be kinder to herself, and the transformative powers of make up.

LOULOU STOREY | Style Coach and Stylist

'Loulou Storey, Style Coach and Stylist consulting for individuals and brands in the UK and America.  Loulou's career began in retail management and she now runs her own style agency, The Styling Storey. 17 years of styling women has given her a deep understanding and experience from both sides of the retail world as to what women need and want.

Featured in Marie Claire, Psychologies and The Telegraph, as well as regularly appearing on the BBC, she shares her empowering styling know-how to encourage a more mindful way of dressing. Leading style workshops at places such as Soho House and Home House, she shares her love of fashion and the power of dressing whilst working alongside brands such as Me & Em, Anthropologie and The Fold.'

Laura Barton | Writer and Broadcaster

Laura Barton is a writer and broadcaster. A Guardian staff feature writer and music columnist for a decade, she is now freelance and has written for numerous publications including the Guardian, the Observer, the New York Times, 1843, Vogue, Elle, the Gentlewoman, the Telegraph and the Financial Times, and is a contributing editor at Q magazine. Her first novel, Twenty-One Locks, was the recipient of a Betty Trask Award, and her next book is a non-fiction examination of the relationship between music and sadness. West of West, a study of the American West in collaboration with the photographer Sarah Lee will also be published later this year. As a broadcaster, her documentaries and fiction have appeared on Radio 4, Radio 3 and Radio 2, and have covered everything from tomboys to Shakespeare, Blues musicians, trousers and Greyhound buses. Notes From a Musical Island, her Radio 4 series about music and landscape, will return for its third outing this Summer. In 2017 she wrote and presented a three-part Radio 4 documentary series about Confidence, exploring its origins in our education, race, gender and geography, how our societal structure can discourage our own feelings of worth, and the ways in which we can work to find our own personal form of confidence.


START DATE September 10th 2018

10-week course rate is £695 

(email Lucy Baker to discuss payment plan options)

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Deadline for all bookings is Friday 31st August 2018 at 10pm

Only 8 places left on the course




Students reported a confidence score of NINE after course completion

Average course rating ; 9.4

100% of students marked that they would be VERY LIKELY to recommend the course

"Absolutely perfect, everything! The sessions were clear, very well planned, delivery and content was excellent. Always made to feel involved and part of a supportive group"

"The course was good value for money and greatly exceeded my expectations. At the time of purchase I didn't fully believe I could change this much. Now I know, I would pay considerably more"

"In retrospect, it is one of the best investments I have made. It seems like a large amount to pay on myself when I booked it, but now I've received the course and achieved improved confidence, I feel that is was very reasonable and would be prepared to pay at least double (if not more) what I did. The course is far more than 10 modules. The support in between, guest speakers and peer support are all so valuable"

Create Your Confidence online survery | 18 students | May 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the course due to start?

The course starts on 10th September and lasts for 10-weeks

How much does it cost and what are the booking dates?

The course is priced at £695 and all booking closes on Friday 31st August 2018 at midnight.

Is the course refundable?

Due to the low cost of this course there are no refunds.

 Can I buy with Paypal?

The course is set up to pay via paypal. If you want to pay by another method please email

How will the course be delivered?

The course will be delivered via video conference, facebook live, pre-recorded video and module workbooks, at a variety of times to suit to the group. The live training will all be recorded to watch on replay, or if you miss any of the sessions. All attendees will be added to a secret facebook group run by Lucy Baker.

How many places are there on the course?

A maximum of 20 people.

What if I cannot make a week?

You can catch up with the recorded training sessions when you are ready. You will have access to all live training sessions.

When does the course end?

The weekly course is due to finish mid-October 2018 (date subject to change)

If you have any other questions, email Please read our LEGAL information